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With the implementation of the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system, we offer patient portal through which you can access your medical records, request new appointments, view upcoming ones, request prescription refills, receive specialty referrals, communicate with your doctor, and much more.

To get access, all you need is your pre-assigned login name and password which can be requested by calling our patient hotline at (718) 850-1673, Monday to Friday 9:00AM to 5:00PM, exclusive of all public holidays.

Please note this portal is not intended to service patients in need of emergency services. For any emergency situations please call 911.

For security reasons this information can only be given to the requesting adult patient or in case of minors ( 0 to 15yrs) to his/her legal guardians only after establishing positive identification by answering common personal questions about the patient.

If you have already been assigned a login credentials.

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Incase of facing any problem related to patient portal, please email us at:

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